A Comprehensive Guide To MSI Afterburner: Everything You Need To Know

If you are a gamer, then you’ve probably heard about MSI. It’s one of the largest IT companies in the world and it produces PCs, laptops and various PC components. Their hardware is very reliable and allows gamers to make the most out of their gaming experience. But using the MSI Afterburner will definitely improve their experience by a lot, by using it to push their hardware with the intention of increasing its performance. 

Not only MSI Afterburner is a game-boosting tool, but it’s also a powerful overclocking tool that will allow you to manipulate certain aspects of your hardware that you couldn’t do otherwise. With a few clicks, you will be able to get a much higher framerate and faster graphics processing. But even though this software is free, it’s not a scam, or in any way something that will impact your computer negatively(It can impact your computer negatively but only if you are not using it properly.  

With MSI Afterburner, you will be able to increase the clock frequency and voltage of your GPU, this is commonly called “overclocking”. Along with that, you will be able to control your fans so that the temperature of your PC never becomes a problem. However, we would advise that this process requires a lot of knowledge and caution because large temperatures can damage your components. Thankfully, MSI Afterburner has a health monitor that you can use to understand how overclocking and these hardware changes impact your PC health.

You can observe your PC’s RAM usage, CPU usage, and other useful stats so that you can additionally change settings accordingly. There is no need to push your hardware and risk damaging it if your computer has just the required amount of resources available. 

Just like Razer Cortex, MSI Afterburner will also terminate certain applications that you select, or that he automatically considers as excess. This feature can free up to 2 GB of your RAM and can have a massive impact on your latency while online gaming. No matter how many apps are running in the background, MSI Afterburner will take care of them all. 

You can create multiple optimization profiles. This means that you can create different optimization set-ups for different video games. Not all video games have high requirements, so you can leave some programs running depending on the game, or you can even prevent MSI Afterburner from doing anything, it’s completely up to you, and your requirements. A feature that many gamers and streamers like is screen recording. 

There is a ton of settings for the screen recording feature, from different file formats and frames to various optimization and hotkey options. Everyone had an interesting moment while gaming so it’s useful to both amateur gamers and professional video streamers. Of course, using the screen recording option uses more computer resources, but it’s worth having this tool at your disposal. But if you planned on using the MSI Afterburner only for the screen recording tool, we would recommend you to use software that is specialized in that.