Keeper Password Manager Review

Everything needs a password these days. From your Bank Account to what feels like each and every online shop, it is overwhelming to think we would have to manage them manually – this is where password management software comes in. Developed to hold digital copies of all your log-in details, they help users automatically manage their secure information online. There was a time when password management software was just that, software that digitally kept your passwords safe. However, these tools have become far more sophisticated digital storage spaces for all your passwords and highly sensitive information – and with this comes great responsibility. It’s critical that users find a password management tool they can trust and that they can use easily enough in an already complicated digital world. Here we have listed our Top 3.  

Keeper is a widely used and praised password management software platform. Renowned for it’s stable and reliable features and notable security assurances, it is a paid service with a free-trial period only. However, after we’ve highlight precisely what some of its key features are, you’ll see that Keeper is an excellent value for money tool. 


Password Managers are built with convenience in mind. With Keeper, you should never have to remember a password again. This goes for all passwords for apps and sites, on all devices, since Keeper syncs seamlessly across multiple platforms.  

Keeper auto-fill feature called KeeperFill generates strong and random passwords and then stores them securely to be used automatically when needed. The same goes for other personal, and often private information entered online. In the event of death or an emergency, up to five emergency contacts can be nominated for access to the user’s digital vaults. 


With facial or fingerprint recognition technology, users can log-in to their devices and websites efficiently, leaving more time for the things that matter. The Custom Fields feature also allows users to store digital copies of highly sensitive documentation for ease of access from a personalized and highly encrypted vault. 


The above-mentioned passwords and information collected and stored for auto-filling are secured in an encrypted personal vault that only users can access with either a master password, facial or fingerprint recognition. Two-factor authentication is also an option, one with is highly advisable in the instance of any password management tool.  

With many password management software services having similar, if not the same, essential tools, user support and user experience are highly beneficial to any brand fighting for their share of customers. Keeper boasts a 24/7 online support feature and offers free Q&A webinars or more detailed user guides. These thoughtful touches make Keeper an easy and accessible tool for all users.